In the realm of captivating storytelling, one name stands out above the rest—Geraldine McKenzie. With a voice that possesses both warmth and enchantment, Geraldine has mastered the art of bringing tales to life, captivating listeners young and old alike. Hailing from the picturesque Co. Sligo and now calling the vibrant town of Ballina, Co. Mayo her home, Geraldine is not just a storyteller but a true advocate for the arts. Her passion for live theatre is evident in every word she speaks, as she effortlessly transports her audience to far-off lands and thrilling adventures. 


But Geraldine's talents extend beyond the realm of vocal storytelling. As a proud member of the renowned Moy Singers choir, her melodious voice reverberates through the hearts of everyone who listens to her,  With a natural flair for dance and a talent for playing traditional Irish music on the tin whistle, Geraldine's artistic abilities know no bounds.

Balancing her roles as a dedicated working mother and a passionate artist, Geraldine skillfully manages her busy schedule. Her unwavering dedication to instilling a love of reading in her own children has propelled her to embark on a remarkable journey—the narration of "World of Sathvik and his Friends: Anything is Possible." Through her expressive narration, Geraldine aims to capture the hearts and imaginations of young readers and listeners, igniting their sense of wonder and inviting them into a world where dreams come to life.


Prepare to be swept away by Geraldine McKenzie's captivating voice and unparalleled storytelling skills. As she breathes life into the characters and adventures of "World of Sathvik and his Friends," be prepared to embark on a journey where anything is possible, where the power of imagination knows no bounds, and where the extraordinary becomes reality.